ASTROLOGY for April 2010


You may have to face many problems in your home-front and in respect of property-matters. Health problems of the family members may also cause you some concern. There might be loss of property and you may have forced change of residence. You may become tense, worried and pessimistic during this time. Dealing in land, buildings, building construction materials and implements could fetch you good returns.



You will enjoy good health and so will do the other members of the family. Your family-life will be blissful and bright with happiness. Your earnings will receive a boost and you will have new acquisitions which will improve your living condition and increase your satisfaction. Your relationships with relatives and friends will improve. In professional sphere, things will be in your favour during this period. You will secure favours from persons of rank and authority, besides enjoying many other benefits. Opportunities will come your way and you will make timely use of them in a prudent way. Socially you will gain more popularity and prestige.



You will have a large circle of acquaintances but will have intimacy with a limited few. You will attach more importance to intellectual level for which you will have a few friends among learned people. You might be attracted to speculations and acquire addictive bad habits which you should try to avoid by excercising will-force. Your earnings will increase but there could be wide fluctuations. You will have journeys to distant places and may opt for staying in distant places too; your relationship with mother or maternal relations may deteriorate which may prompt you to do so.



If married, your children will make you happy by their successes in academic persuits and extra-curricular activities. If unmarried you may receive some acclaim and become distinguished by securing some achievements in career or education. Your earnings will increase considerably. . You may have new acquisitions which will make your life more comfortable. You will form new business relationships and make new deals. Journeys to distant places and contacts/ collaborations with foreigners will be fruitful.



Your earnings will increase and you will have gains from various other sources. A distant journey may prove to be fruitful. Your family-life will be peaceful and comfortable with all it’s members very cordially disposed to one another and remaining in the pink of their health. Time is favourable for forming new relationships, improve the existing ones and also for socializing. Your name and fame will be widespread and popularity will also increase considerably.



Some of your ambitions may be realised and you may have new acquisitions that will add to your comfort. You will lead a prosperous and happy family-life; there could be a celebration in the family. The performance of your educational activities, will instil a sense of pride and joy in your mind. You may spend a lot for having some renovations done to your house-building. Your mother may suffer from some minor ailments.



You will be very fortunate and will receive special favours from the authorities. You will be successful in all your endeavours and rise to a powerful and lucrative position. Some of your cherished desires will be fulfilled and you may have new acquisitions. Your family-life will be happy with comfortable surroundings and socially you will gain more popularity. Your relationships with relatives and friends will become more cordial. You will be a centre of attraction in social gatherings.



You may become less energetic and lose confidence. Your wandering tendency and wasteful expenditures may increase. The health-condition of some of your male relations may deteriorate and arouse your anxieties. Your earnings will be somewhat increased. The position however is favourable for securing higher education, having long journeys and pilgrimmages; it is also a propitious period for developing foreign connections from which you can derive benefits in future.



You should take every possible care for avoiding quarrels and conflicts; you should not get entagled in any Law- suit also. Your health needs much more care and you should be very cautious while driving as you will be prone to sustain injuries and suffer blood-loss. In professional sphere, you may face many problems which you should try to sort out peacefully. The period is not favourable and you must let the adverse period pass over by lying low. The period is not good for finances; so think twice before making any new commitments.




You may have problems either with your business or marriage partner and the health of your spouse may make you anxious. Romantic liaisons if any could take a bad turn and you may become a victim of slander and disrepute. You may be emotionally disturbed and may not be in good health. Journeys in connection with profession may not bear fruit excepting in the direction of east. For securing new deals the period is not favourable. You should try to avoid quarrels and confrontations by being diplomatic.



You will become very courageous and will conquer your enemies. You will be victorious in conflicts. By putting forward your endeavours in a proper manner and by facing situations with confidence, you will make excellent progress in your professional sphere and will have boosted earnings. You will receive favours from authorities and form new relationships. You will become very popular in your circle of acquaintances and your social status will be considerably improved.



This is not a favourable position. You should take proper care of your health and you should also remain careful while driving as you will be prone to sustain injuries which can even make you bed-ridden. You should also keep a close check as fire can cause some havoc during this period. The health of your children may cause you some concern. You should try to overcome your argumentive tendency as this would otherwise lead you to have conflicts at your workplace. You should do better by staying away from any speculative investments for keeping your financial position in a stable condition. By putting forward your endeavours you may increase your own earnings to some extent.


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